How to use Padlet for a Class Debate

October 14, 2015

Background on the project:

Marine Science students in my courses do not only read about Marine related issues, they also discuss them and learn how to use persuasive language to convince their peers about their opinions on heated issues, such as research on Marine Mammals in captivity. The objective of the class debate was for each side to present about convincing argument during a classroom debate. I chose to use Padlet as a tool for students to collect resources such as texts, pictures, videos in preparation for the class debate.


תיאור קצר של ההתנסות:

The class was divided into two groups, Pro and Anti marine captivity and each group received their own Padlet wall to collect their information. The Padlet walls were directly embedded into a Moodle Page and each team could see what the other team was collecting. This helped them prepare their counter arguments for the debate. During the actual debate, the students had access to the Padlet wall with their materials which was screened overhead. If they wanted to show a movie that supported their cause, they could access it from Padlet easily and speak over the movie with their own explanations.


יתרונות (תועלות), קשיים:

  • Very easy to set up 

  • No passwords needed 

  • Includes video, audio, pictures, links to texts 

  • No disadvantages


טיפים לשימוש:

Padlet has great potential for many uses

  1. Collection of teacher resources for students in a visually pleasing way

  2. Open bulletin everyone can contribute

  3. Can be used for class introductions, specific topic development, review of material.

  4. Can be made private so that only the participants in the course can use it.

  5. Grid layout keeps the wall organized so that no one overlaps with anyone else.

  6. Recommend students to write their names in their contributions.


Sample Padlet:

 Pro Marine mammal captivity click here

Anti-Marine mammal captivity click here


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